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Shenzhen Dikai Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Dikai) is located in Chang'an Town, Dongguan City. Is a research and development, production, sales as one of the professional electronic connector manufacturing enterprises, the company has more than 300 employees. Our company keeps up with the development trend of the international electronic connector market and constantly develops new products to meet the needs of our customers.

Since its inception in 2004, the company has gained the trust of customers with stable and reliable product quality and good business reputation, and has passed the certification of ISO 9001:2000 international quality system. All precision connector products passed SGS environmental protection test in 2005. The company mainly has: 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.25mm, 1.27mm, 2.0mm spacing connector (FPC row insert), plate-to-plate 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm spacing connector, as well as strip connector, SD card seat. And custom-made all kinds of special-shaped precision micro connectors for customers. Products are widely used in: VCD, DVD, MP3, MP4, digital camera, mobile phone, card reader, printer, power amplifier audio, LCD TV, car audio, car system and other fields and computer peripheral equipment.

The company's main production equipment includes: automatic lathe, injection moulding machine, SMD packaging machine, high-speed precision punch, terminal machine, wire cutting machine, full-automatic needle press, high-speed press, full-automatic assembly machine, electrical spark machine, mould temperature machine, milling machine, grinder and other company's main testing instruments are reflow welding testing machine, salt spray testing machine. Insulation resistance tester, voltage withstanding tester, projector, secondary element tester, tension tester.

Shenzhen Dikai Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.
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